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Harmony HB Yoga

Address: 16907 Algonquin St Huntington Beach, CA 92649
Website: www.harmony-hb.com
Phone Number: 714-840-2446

Teaching students different practices of yoga under one roof, Harmony HB Arts & Wellness Center has a variety of classes available. From gentle yoga to meditation fitness classes, Harmony HB is one of most unique yoga studios in Huntington Beach. Their beliefs are to use yoga to improve posture, alignment, flexibility, strength and most of all happiness and balance. Harmony HB is NOT a hot yoga studio or a power yoga studio, they focus on fundamental training with a great ambiance with encouraging instructors. Harmony HB founder Jan Palmer has been practicing yoga for nearly four decades and has used yoga to overcome injuries and ailments.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
8:15 am Slow Flow Yoga
8:30 am Meditation & Pranayama Meditation & Pranayama Harmony Barre
9:30 am Gentle Yoga Gentle Yoga Gentle Yoga Gentle Yoga Gentle Yoga Restorative Yoga All Level Yoga
10:30 am Gentle Yoga
11:00 am Slow Flow Yoga Gentle Yoga
12:00 pm Flow Yoga Flow Yoga Slow Flow Yoga Slow Flow Yoga
4:00 pm Gentle Yoga
5:00 pm Yin Yoga Deep Stretch Yin Yoga Harmony Barre
6:00 pm Flow Yoga Flow Yoga
6:30 pm Gentle Yoga Gentle Yoga
7:30 pm Slow Flow Yoga Meditation & Pranayama Gentle/Restorative Yoga